About Me

DJ / Music Curator at Soulection
Creative Direction / Design for 10high™
Co Founder of Mixed Company

In the true spirit of music discovery, Sasha Marie of Soulection builds captivating soundscapes, effortlessly introducing moods and curating feelings. With a thoughtful and delicate approach, Sasha serves as a unifying force, bringing communities togeth-er through her artistry. Sasha's resonant mixes have graced esteemed platforms such as BBC 1xtra, FADER, Hypebeast, and Apple Music, leaving a lasting impact on listeners worldwide. Whether enchanting crowds in the States, Europe, Canada, or South Africa, Sasha consistently pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a musical storyteller, embracing the richness and diversity of the world's sonic tapestry.

In addition to her musical prowess, Sasha Marie's passion extends to the world of design, where she seamlessly fuses music with visuals. Recognizing the profound impact of visuals in enhancing the auditory experience, she holds a deep appreciation for the intricate relationship between sound and design. By joining forces with the design firm 10High, Sasha has unlocked a new dimension of creativity, allowing her to showcase her multifaceted talents as both a DJ and a visionary creative director. Sasha's radio show, Sasha Marie Radio, serves as a prime example of her ability to combine her love of design and audio.


Sasha Marie

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